Freshly made juice!

Over the last few weeks I have been told hundreds of different remedies on the best way to overcome glandular fever. But I think the most consistent advice has been to rest, drink plenty of water, and eat a healthy and balanced diet - lots of fresh food. So over the last week I have... Continue Reading →


My top picks this week!

Over the last couple of years we have seen Newcastle flourish with endless coffee shops, cafes, bars and restaurants. Below are my top 5 places I have been loving this week. Although I am always trying to get to places I haven't been too, I must admit this week I have been some what biased... Continue Reading →

Hunter Valley

Uni is officially out for the year, and what better way to celebrate then with my two best friends for a nice lunch at the Hunter Valley Vineyards! After a few wrong turns we finally managed to make our way to Emerson's cafe, located at the Adina vineyard on Lovedale Road. The food was amazing... Continue Reading →

Greek Feast!

This week at Zaara St we opted for a Greek themed dinner night. Gyros, lamb, greek salad, mythos (greek beer) and sticky date pudding. OK so the pudding isn't traditionally greek but it taste amazing all the same :)   Xxx.

"Baby, I’ve got you on my mind…"

Food! Food is always on my mind. I will be eating one meal and already thinking about the next.Let's be honest, what is better or more satisfying than eating an amazingly delicious meal?I could never 'clean eat', in fact anything full of fat and deep fried is usually on the top of my cravings list...but... Continue Reading →

Amateur Master Chef!

So, if you have read my previous post you would know that I get bored... wait, no...impatient, quite easily, I tend to skip steps. Which is why I am not usually the best cook, but I love food and I like to pretend I am a master chef when I'm in the kitchen. Luckily for... Continue Reading →

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