So I guess finances and career stuff is kind of a big deal at my age

So I haven’t written on here in a while…mostly because I haven’t really had anything exciting to blog about and also because a lot of my time has been taken up writing for HUNTERhunter which I have been loving so go check out the website when you get a chance! But this morning I had... Continue Reading →


What Twitter has told me today…

The wonderful world of Twitter is, I admit, a social media platform I often forget about. But it can be a great informative tool, and, as I recently learnt at a digital marketing talk with The Collective Hub, a great way to network with people you wouldn’t otherwise be able to access. I follow a... Continue Reading →

Insta Inspiration.

Photo Credit: @elle_ferguson, @twobirdstalking, @elle_ferguson, @oraclefox, @cluelessthemovie, @elleaus, @theiconicau, @howtwolive, @frankiemagazine, @theiconicau, @margaret_zhang, @bazaaraustralia. Xxx.

Let’s change the date!

Today, like most years, I will be drinking, eating and celebrating “Australia Day” with my friends. It is only recently that I have been questioning this day and after scrolling through the Internet the only question I am left with is “Why the hell have we not changed the date?” Growing up I have never... Continue Reading →

7 wonders of life.

Do you ever stop and find yourself wondering about some of life’s simplest things and then begin to realize just how bizarre they really are? It’s like when you say the same word over and over and then all of a sudden it sounds weird, it's spelt weird, the whole thing freaks you out and... Continue Reading →

What Twitter has told me today…

My Twitter feed consists of a variety of accounts, from news outlets to film critics to fun facts. Twitter is such a fast-paced social media platform that within minutes I find myself refreshing the page with over 50 more updates. Twitter is often about a good headline that will capture my attention long enough for me... Continue Reading →


When you are younger you spend a lot of your childhood wishing you were already “grown up”. 18 cannot come quick enough so you can have the freedom to do what ever you want. However, although you may be legally an adult by 18, it is often the little moments you have in the years... Continue Reading →

Officially a Graduate!

Yep it is official, I now have a piece of paper claiming that I am qualified in Journalism and Public Relations. Whether or not I actually am in practice is a completely different story. Either way, rather than receiving my piece of paper in the mail it is kind of nice to actually attend the... Continue Reading →

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