Summer <3

Summer is here!… Well just about. My favourite time of year: Beach, Christmas, Uni holidays, daylight savings, late afternoon ciders, … More

Reclaim what?

I have recently written an article for a Uni assignment where I chose to talk about the controversial group, Reclaim … More

Rainy Days.

The servere weather in the Hunter Region and along the East Coast of NSW these last few days has left … More


23 thoughts I’ve had at 23. 1. Thank God I’m only 23, I have heaps of time to figure out … More

The Media Effect.

As a student studying the media I often think about the effects the media is having on our society and … More

East End Community!

It really is the small things in life that often result in the biggest rewards! Recently my house mates and … More

Wedding Bliss

Weddings are the best kind of parties. They are the perfect excuse to buy a brand new outfit, there is … More

Inside Uni tips!

I am about to commence my final week of Uni for the year (I still have one more year to … More

16 Fun Facts :)

16 things you may or may not know about me: 1. I love to travel. 2. Up until the age … More

Home sweet home :)

Finally settled in to my new place. Living in town and close to the beach – Summer can not come … More

Coffee Epidemic!

The last 12 months have seen Newcastle cafes and coffee shops flourish, and the quirkier the better! Every street corner, … More

It’s Ma Birthday!

My 23 year young celebrations . . .  Breakfast AttireJacket- GlueJeans- TopshopTop- The Iconic Infinity Ring Vases- UrbanOutfittersPerfume- Yves Saint … More

Uni Break!

The Uni break is usually a time that can not come quick enough. Six whole weeks of blissful nothingness :) … More

My wish list < 3

With my birthday coming up next month I felt it appropriate to post some items off my wish list. ‘Some’ … More

Farmers Markets.

Today started off a little bit overcast, but I was in luck when the sun peaked through just long enough … More

An Entire Lifetime.

Listening and documenting to someones life seems relatively straight forward and easy enough…right? Starting up at a new University in … More