It’s the memories that a place holds that keeps it close to your heart.

I remember making sand cakes and selling them on my boogey board. I remember directing, choreographing and starring in the annual concerts performed in the kitchen. I remember walking up to the RSL for dinner and begging mum and dad to go on the rides on our way home. I remember walking up the street... Continue Reading →



This last month I have been in Los Angeles attending an acting program at the New York Film Academy. For as long as I can remember I have always been interested in acting. Having just graduated from University and still on the look out for a job I figured, why not? I am all about... Continue Reading →

Add it to your bucket list!

Rather than doing a post about MY bucket list and where and what I want to do in my life time, I have decided to make a list of things I have already done, and what I think you should be adding to YOUR own bucket list>>> In no particular order: Celebrate New Years Eve's... Continue Reading →

Insider Guide: Vietnam

Travelling through Vietnam and Laos was definitely an incredible experience that I would recommend to everyone to visit at least once in their life. It is a culture totally different from our own, and place with so much colour and adventure, and a place where you can truly appreciate what you have. I really didn't... Continue Reading →

Picture Highlights – Vietnam.

Besides a three day stop in Thailand I was yet to explore any of South East Asia, so I was super excited when my two best friends and I decided on Vietnam and Laos as our next travel destination. Vietnam/Laos involved a lot of crossing chaotic roads without looking, bike riding, scooter riding (sorry parents), Pho Bo,... Continue Reading →

5 Things To Do In – London

At 19 years old I caught a one way to ticket to London with my two best friends. We had booked two weeks accommodation in London at the Generator Hostel, and were hoping to find a place to live and get a job within that time. We couldn't be more wrong! Two weeks turned into four... Continue Reading →

Where to next ??

I always find myself dreaming of my next travel destination, especially if I have just come back from somewhere, the post travel depression usually hits me pretty hard. Currently, my plans look to be pointing towards South East Asia, Vietnam and Cambodia are sounding pretty good, with my two best friends! The plan is to... Continue Reading →

5 Things to do in – New York City!

New York City has been one of my most favourite cities visited so far. Not at all overrated,  New York has definitely earned it's name of 'the city that never sleeps'. Day or night, New York City showcases a picturesque landscape of big buildings, bright lights and endless opportunities! Here are my top 5 things... Continue Reading →


This week I ventured down to Melbourne with some family for a girls Tennis trip. After a not so great start - loosing my phone after leaving it on the plane - we jumped into a taxi and were on our way to the city, staying at Southbank! Having only been to Melbourne when I... Continue Reading →

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