Summer <3

Summer is here!... Well just about. My favourite time of year: Beach, Christmas, Uni holidays, daylight savings, late afternoon ciders, watermelon, mangoes, swimmers, shorts, thongs, tans, too-hot-to-touch steering wheel, BBQs, music, sunscreen, hot chips, hot sand, salty hair and afternoon naps. Here are some of my Summer essentials that I pretty much use on a... Continue Reading →


5 essential things in my life right now!

So this week has involved a lot of laying on the lounge and doing a whole heap of not much. Unfortunately, there isn't anything you can do for Glandular fever except rest, and as I feel myself getting better, resting is going to become a lot harder to do. But for now I definitely feel... Continue Reading →

Winter Essentials

The cold season has hit, and I have already noticed 5 essential items I have been wearing over and over again. Unlike Summer, Winter, unfortunately, is a bit harder to avoid becoming an outfit repeater. The cold weather can often leave us forgetting about fashion, and instead grabbing our go to warm jacket each time.... Continue Reading →

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