MBWFA ’17: What I Wore.

I can not believe fashion week has come and gone again for another year. Not having to worry about Uni like previous years, I figured I may as well go for the whole week. Which also meant, 'what the hell am I going to wear??' Thanks to friends, family, Westfield, online shopping and some old... Continue Reading →


MBFWA 2016

The last week has been a bit of whirlwind - travelling to and from Sydney for fashion week, going to Uni and working! I’m currently a social media and editorial contributor for Mirodoor, and having volunteered with them previously at fashion week, I was so excited to attend again this year with a new role.... Continue Reading →

Fashion Week Australia.

This week I have been commuting down to Sydney for the 20th annual Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. This was my second year volunteering with the event company, Mirodoor, and this year proved to be so much better than the last. I was lucky enough to see 4 different shows throughout the week, as well as help... Continue Reading →

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