Why does the media get to determine who we grieve for and who we don’t?

January 2015- Baga Massacre, at least 200 people dead February 2015- Shooting in Pakistan, at least 19 people dead March 2015- Maiduguri Suicide Bomb, 58 dead April 2015- Garissa College attack, 148 dead May 2015- Baghdad car bombs, 19 dead June 2015- Kuwait Mosque bombing, 27 dead July 2015- Two bombs explode in Nigeria, 15... Continue Reading →


The Media Effect.

As a student studying the media I often think about the effects the media is having on our society and on us individually. Jobs in print media are becoming increasingly scarce, with many people turning to online outlets. However, these online outlets and the Internet has changed the way the media influences our society, and it... Continue Reading →

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