What Twitter has told me today…

The wonderful world of Twitter is, I admit, a social media platform I often forget about. But it can be a great informative tool, and, as I recently learnt at a digital marketing talk with The Collective Hub, a great way to network with people you wouldn’t otherwise be able to access. I follow a... Continue Reading →


What Twitter has told me today…

My Twitter feed consists of a variety of accounts, from news outlets to film critics to fun facts. Twitter is such a fast-paced social media platform that within minutes I find myself refreshing the page with over 50 more updates. Twitter is often about a good headline that will capture my attention long enough for me... Continue Reading →

Blog VS Reality: Today’s events

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and all social media platforms have one thing in common- they are more often then not showing the best and most polished version of a person's life. We are not seeing the bigger picture, literally the rest of the picture is cropped out! People put on social media what they want you... Continue Reading →

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